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I'm Alonzo and I'm a Developer

I am a 25 year old software developer that graduated from Purdue University with a major in Computer and Information Technology and a minor in African American Studies. I am currently in the process of developing new websites for people in the Indianapolis area to gain more experience in the field.

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Web Design

I can build value into any website. I use both my intelligence and artistic skills to make beautiful, responsive websites for others.


I'm able to grab others attention and communicate with them with how I can help them promote their product or service via technology.


Writing a computer program, then modifying and testing the program for users will always be interesting to me. I know a few languages.

My Skills

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My creative skills & experiences

In this section, I would like to show you a list of the skills that I have picked up thus far and my rate of familiarity with each skill.

HTML 90%
CSS 75%
JavaScript / jQuery 65%
MongoDB 70%
Express.js 60%
React.js 85%
Node.js 75%

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Connect 4
Connect 4

I will be making a Connect 4 game for my friends and family to enjoy. It shall be coming soon.

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You should be able to reach me using via email, which will be shown in this section of my portfolio.

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Indiana, USA
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